Untitled photo

+ Camera Pentax 645z Medium Format

+ Exposure f/13 @ 1.6 Seconds

+ Time 6:40AM HST

+ Edition Size 808 Limited; 34 Artist Proof

The Hawai'ian island of O'ahu has many iconic and beloved destinations to envision for compositions. One of the most recognizable locations sits guardian over the eastern shores of O'ahu near the Kualoa ranch on an inner reef of the windward side of the island.

This beautiful seascape is the prominent island of Mokoli'I (Chinaman's hat). The small pyramid shaped island dominates the nearshore with its tremendous view of the entirety of the windward side of O'ahu coastline.

On that particular morning, having envisioned a long-sought composition utilizing Mokoli'i, I excitedly monitored the data from the weather satellite and began to flesh out the essence of such a potentially spectacular sunrise of possibilities.

As I began my journey driving down from the north shore, the first light offered the first glimpse of the incredible potential for sunrise. Leisurely as I made my way past beloved East side towns of Kahuku, Laie, Hau'ula and Ka'a'awa, the sky began to glow and illuminate the cirrus clouds.

Pressing on, I made my way to the Kualoa ranch park to pre-visualize the scene in the dawn light. Sensing that sunrise would be spectacular, I immediately set up my gear utilizing Mokoli'I for my frame.

From the moment the color and light began to emanate its first fiery bright reds and oranges, I knew it was going to be pure magic and one that would soon be on display on the gallery walls. The final vision was a beautiful tapestry of light, color, water, land and sky dancing as one that exceeded anything I could have ever dreamed.

~As You Wish~



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